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Today, I received an email from Monitis about a glitch in their website monitoring service.

The email, sent out to EVERYBODY in their contact list, was also posted to their blog and their Facebook page.

Sure, outages happen, but Monitis handled this so poorly!  Most of their customers were not even aware of the problem.  Their announcement, broadcasting trouble with their system to EVERYBODY, was not necessary.

They shot themselves in the foot by posting this to a general audience via their blog, Facebook page and to ALL of their contacts via email!  OUCH!

If they felt it so necessary to explain their troubles, then they should have contacted only affected users (their regular dashboard users) with their apology, explanation, whatever it was.

Anyway, their mistake is a learning opportunity for the rest of the world.  If/when problems like this occur at your company, it’s a good idea to think things through BEFORE sending out explanations to problems about which most people may not even be aware.

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