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A Simple 8-Week Launch Campaign

A crucial element in any product life cycle, the launch campaign has a dramatic impact on the way that your company and its offering are received by the market.

An Israeli-based high-tech company recently approached me for advice. They are preparing to launch a new product within the next two months and they want maximum exposure for minimum cost.  They want to bring a mass audience to their web site.  They want attention from customers, partners and investors.

Many in the semiconductor industry find themselves in a similar situation on a regular basis.

Below is a brief outline of a simple 8-week launch campaign that can be used as a guide to gain maximum exposure for any company, product or service.

Week 1

Refining messaging – development of key messages, talking points, FAQs, and “rude Qs”

Media mapping – designation of audiences, determination of key members of each audience, gathering contact info

Week 2

Content & materiel generation – development of news release/s, article/s, blog posts, email template, phone “script”, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc.

More media mapping – as necessary

Week 3

Long-lead outreach – pitching “the story” under embargo to key “thought leaders” and major media

Week 4

Mid-lead outreach – key vertical/industry “thought leaders” and trade media

Week 5

Short-lead “key media” outreach – blogs of key vertical/industry “thought leaders”

Week 6

Short-lead mass outreach – general online media, blogs and forums

Week 7 (Launch)

“Grassroots” launch – mass exposure using email lists, web 2.0, and viral dissemination

Week 8 (post-launch)

Re-spin – Leveraging coverage to gain additional coverage

Follow up – fostering ongoing relationship with key thought leaders, leveraging coverage for biz dev, partnerships and sales

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