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4 fundamental social marketing recommendations

In a recent email, a client wrote, “We started some social marketing of our own so if you have any recommendations – we’ll be happy :)”

Here is what I suggested:
1. Keep it flowing. I recommend at least 2 posts a week, at a minimum.
2. Write it in your customers’ language. If your customers are Hebrew speakers, then I recommend you write in Hebrew.
3. Post links to your Facebook page (Twitter and LinkedIn and any other social media that you’re using) on your email signatures and on everything else you’re doing.
4. As a B2B service provider, I strongly recommend more focus on LinkedIn.

Of course many more things can be added to the list, but those are the top items that will work best for that client.

Send a request to me at if you’d like to know what would work best for you.

All the best, Dan

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